Heaven Can Wait – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

“Heaven Can Wait” is an alternative/indie track covered by the hauntingly intertwining vocals of Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White. The track remains reminiscently faithful to the original recording by Charlotte Gainsbourg, with a sound that could be considered similar to Lana Del Ray’s. A slow and steady percussion begins the song, accompanied by a soft electric acoustic that turns into a distinct twang, differing from the quicker and more defined beat of the original. A few keyboard notes underlie the song from the beginning and are rarely broken, creating an ambient atmosphere. Gainsbourg’s deceptively light instrumental is not entirely neglected, but certainly more reduced here. Morrissey and White choose to remove the tambourine and brass from their version, tapping into and working with the melancholic lyrics rather than covering them in a more carefree, upbeat sound. The vocals begin with the two artists in harmony, and as they sing together, White’s soft, low tone compliments Morrissey’s stronger one, creating an almost psychedelic, otherworldly listening experience. Throughout the track the two’s voices rarely depart from each other and seem to blend into the music, an enhancement rather than a detriment in this case. The music itself is the main focus of the track rather than the lyrics. In relation to the rest of the album, “Heaven Can Wait” certainly takes a measured, more underlying somber tone than most of the other tracks, with a few exceptions such as the complimentary “The Colour in Anything.” The track is relaxed, and gives an air of careless in-between-ness which reflects the reality of “life goes on” as illustrated in the lyrics. It is an enjoyable listen, instrumentally and vocally, and a well done cover that not only carefully reflects, but enhances, Gainsbourg’s original version.


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