Sunday Morning- Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

The song begins with a quiet, unassuming whistle signalling the start of something new, before the banging arrival of drums and guitars gets your head bobbing. Familiar lyrics begin in a relaxed yet confident tone from Flo Morrissey, a mature artist who does not seem her young years- singing a small song that is more than a quarter century older than her. Of course this is nothing new for her, as her solo folk work shows her embracing of older styles. Here, she and White take a distinct style and make it their own. Following the White led ‘Suzanne,’ Morrissey’s voice invites you in, warm and welcoming. She pronounces each word with precision, like they are a fact of life. The Velvet Underground’s poetry comes alive in a new way, and at one point Morrissey is whispering to you, but her delivery is never lost among the steady noise. You may be taken aback by the faster pace of the song, but fear not, the paranoia is still very present. When she sings, ‘It’s just a restless feeling by my side. . .Watch out, the world’s behind you,” a sense of foreboding is certainly present, and the backing vocals that spring up let you know you are not alone. The repetition of the title towards the end fades into a dream-like place, by which point the listener has long been entranced by the calm clashing of instruments and the harmonizing of voices. If you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics, though, the music practically demands to be heard during a drive through a gorgeous summer day, windows and sunroof open, wind charging by, and the sun masking the world around you. It captures the facade the song builds; that such a gentle voice can sing such unsettling lyrics- that an upbeat song has many layers to unearth.


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