Everybody Loves the Sunshine – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Everybody Loves the Sunshine, the title track for Roy Ayer’s album of the same name, sets the tone for an era of R&B in the 1970s. The song hasn’t gone unnoticed in recent years, with artists like Mary J. Blige and Common using samples in their songs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Flo Morrisey and Matthew White chose to cover the funk song for their album Gentlewoman, Ruby Man. The duo attempts to inject their own style and twist on it in order to sculpt the piece that fits into the puzzle of Gentlewoman, Ruby Man.

While it doesn’t deviate far from the original, the duo softens the edges ever-so-slightly, bringing it down a level from the trance-like original. While White allows Morrisey the lead on the track, he isn’t completely absent, and there is never the sense that these two are competing with one another vocally. Rather, they compliment each other, allowing their voices to work as a singular, unified vocal track to bring both the high and lows that Everybody Loves the Sunshine requires.

In no time you find yourself humming or singing along to melodies and words that become familiar in a matter of seconds, repeating them back to the vocalists as they come. The groovy backtrack moves the song along with a sort of rhythm that leaves you with no choice other than to bob your head or tap your head along with it in a sort of drunken stupor state. The synths twist, turn and transport us back to those hazy summer days, when the heat is so blistering that it allows you to do little but lay on the floor in the sunshine and bask as your clothes stick to sweat-stricken skin.


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