Govindam – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Govindam, the last track on Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White’s newest release “Gentlewoman, Ruby Man” takes you into a magical realm as you listen to its exotic Bollywood beat and lyrics non-recognizable to our native tongue. The song is originally by George Harrison, and was actually written as a religious chant. The original track has a nice acoustic background and organ instrumental alongside other unique and traditional instruments and it was sung by multiple singers. In 1996 a British band named Kula Shaker released another version of this song making it more well known, especially for it’s Indian like instrumentals. The version released on the Gentlewoman, Ruby Man album is significantly different than the Kula Shakers version. Kula shaker used a haunting rock instrumental in their version, giving the song a modern feel. Matthew E. White and Flo Morrissey have an upbeat intro that grabs your attention and then leads into a unique and mellow beat. It’s definitely a rhythm that makes you want to shake your hips like Shakira, following the drums in the background and the faint bells among them. Flo Morrissey, the singer, could not have done a better job with the vocals! Her voice matches the song perfectly! Flo sings in a low tone, providing a haunting affect, and during the chorus, when she sings “Govindam” she’s able to effortlessly vibrate her voice into a unique scale. The climax of the song happens towards the end, when the beat takes a turn and becomes faster paced, much like the original by George Harrison. Although Flo is repeating the same lyrics, “all glories to Govindam (the supreme lord)” the vocals in the background grab your attention as they subtly come in and slowly take over the song. The song then fades out into Matthew Whites vocals, and comes to a slow finish, leaving you with chills and a desire to hit replay.

Check out the song here on soundcloud!



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