Look at What the Light Did Now – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Listening to both versions of “Look at What the Light Did Now”, the original by Kyle Field and the cover by Morrissey and White feels like going to sleep and waking up.

Field’s version of the song, a slow acoustic take with quiet solo vocals for the most part, and a slightly less quiet chorus with another man is relaxing in one of the best ways. It lulls you and makes you really think about the lyrics he sings, though the inflection in his voice doesn’t change much throughout most of the song. It’s a distinctly sad sound, something introspective.

So it’s almost jarring to hear the upbeat guitar and the addition of drums in Morrissey and White’s cover. Morrissey’s voice is the most notable when it comes to the different tone–White’s low singing is reminiscent of Field’s, but Morrissey adds that hopeful, almost jubilant sound that a beat like that needs. The lyrics are changed in only a slight way, with the addition of White calling in “Flo” to sing. Their voices blend well, neither overpowering the other, and that is perhaps the best thing about this song and album entirely; the two artists work so well together, their voices such a match that each song seems made for them and a duet. “Look at what the Light Did Now” is no different. Had White taken control of the song, it may have sounded far too similar to Field’s original version. Instead, the gentle give and take made it its own sound.

There is less a need to listen to the lyrics with this version of the song, and more a want to feel the beat and get into the song that way. The change in instruments and vocals also changes the tone of the song: thus, the waking up. There is a new hope in the lyric “look at what the light did now,” less of a somber tone and more of an optimistic one. It’s something that Morrissey and White succeed in throughout the album, and as first tracks go, this was a wise choice.

Look at What the Light Did Now – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White


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