“The Colour In Anything” – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Matthew E. White and Flo Morrissey’s rendition of James Blake’s heart wrenching track ‘The Colour In Anything’ sways from its original dissonance and transforms into a moody, swingy vocal showcase. The song is given a more instrumentally full backdrop in contrast to Blake’s lofty piano and vocal collaboration, adding hints of bluesy progressions along the way. The cover version from Morrissey and White’s newest album ‘Gentlewoman, Ruby Man’ creates a new tone to the track with the addition of layered elements such as background vocal hums and guitar strums. Morrissey successfully makes the track her own with her distinct indie voice and the addition of vocal and instrumental textures. The original seems like a stripped down version in comparison, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Blake does employ techniques of layered harmonies which seem to have inspired Morrissey to explore those moments in a fuller spectrum. She took the most texturally interesting parts of the original track and amplified them to transform the piece’s genre entirely. Where Blake matched the lonesome lyrics to a seemingly hollowed out recording, Morrissey and White contrast this with a bigger, more complicated sound. Many of the other tracks of the album feature both White and Morrissey’s vocals equally, which sets this track aside and offers a divergence from the otherwise strong duality of male and female vocals. However with a song this utterly sad, it’s important to have the sole emphasis of one longing voice to complement the dissonance lyrically. Listening to these two songs with no prior knowledge, it’d be entirely justified to think that these are two completely separate tracks, merely sharing the same lyrics – and that’s what makes it such a paramount cover. When the new version leaves the audience asking themselves, “Do I even consider this a cover?” the artist has successfully paid homage to the original works while injecting their own individual talents. White and Morrissey take Blake’s ‘The Colour in Anything’ and truly make the aforementioned colour come alive.


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