“Say Something Loving” – The XX

Close your eyes and imagine a pastel-coloured dream world, full of soft glittering lights and echoed harmonies crying for you to “Say Something Loving”. Back in reality we attribute this to one of the newest tracks to be released by English indie-pop group The XX on their latest studio record “I See You.” Bringing together musical cornerstones of yesterday and today, “Say Something Loving” features samples from the 1978 track “Do You Feel It?” by the Alessi Brothers. The introduction of outside vocals reinforces the band’s emphasis on vocal diversity and collaboration, as conveyed through their male/female duality. The harmonized yet contrasting vocals work together in creating a trance-like atmosphere, coating your headphones in twinkly pop music.

Although the group is notorious for their muted indie pop style, this track alludes to a more spirited and energetic sound, while maintaining their trademark tranquil effervescence. The track sets itself apart from their previous repertoire of music as if to say that the angst-ridden teenagers are perhaps growing up and becoming more adventurous in the scales of their sound, opting for more acute grandeur instead of the usual modest, velvety hums. The lyricism adds to this effect by linking a bigger sound to their tortured love story, asking “Did you hear me say it?/I say something loving/I can’t hold it inside, the thrill of affection/is only getting stronger”, suggesting that the band – in multiple ways – is finding their vigorous voice and searching for new ways of expression. “Say Something Loving” is the second single released off the XX’s newest record, and you can listen to it here:


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