Mrs. C – Loyle Carner

A heavy exhale: ‘It’s for Eliza’, Loyle Carner utters into the mic as Mrs. C begins, immediately informing listeners that this song is an ode to a friend, who’s mother grew sick with cancer. Loyle’s voice is heavy with the burden, with the pain he carries for his friend. He takes on those emotions as if they were his own, and in doing so he passes those emotions on to you, the listener. He takes a broken heart and turns it into art. If ever there were a soundtrack for a rainy day, this song would surely be on it. He includes these personal details, everything from names to how she makes a bagel (no one makes one better, by the way). It’s these personal touches, these reminders that this is a true story that makes your heart twist with the knowledge.

However, it isn’t all heartbreak; there’s a glimmer of hope. His lyrics let us know that he promises to take care of her girl, assures her that he’ll do his best to keep making her laugh and lets her know all the reasons she has to be proud—the biggest ones being her children.

That’s the comfort in this heartbreak, along with the beat that keeps your head swaying to the beat. You’re greeted with a melancholic organ at the beginning. The drums join in, and you’re given that hope that reaffirm Loyle’s words, and finally the lulling trumpet, giving the faint echo of a blues and jazz time behind us. Towards the end, you can’t help but give a soft kind of smile with his assurances that no matter what happens, he’ll find her in everybody else too.

Check out a preview of the song below.


Photo Credit: Vincent Desailly



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