Lips- The XX

The song is aptly titled ‘Lips’, giving it an immediate intimacy. The xx are known for their hushed vocals, and this title refers directly to the source of their whispers, their mouths nervously waiting to tell you a secret. Their voices are the very first thing you hear, before any music, showing what is most important. ‘Lips’ echoes themes of the album’s title ‘I See You’, a phrase that relates honesty and utter closeness to one another. This song takes the theme a few steps beyond just seeing- here the two are merging into one being with, ‘My name on your lips/your air in my lungs’. The song is about giving yourself over to someone, feeling a euphoric high from the connection and not wanting to know ‘the way down’. Being high off of love is a recurring idea throughout the album, a feeling that is sung about and is felt by listeners captivated by track. The ooing leading into the chorus is an incredibly smooth sound, transitioning the song from one careful moment to the next. The song becomes one of the more fast paced on the album, the catchy beat perfect for a relaxed, casual dance floor. But there is still an almost eerie undertone to the music, with the lyrics mentioning words such as ‘shadow’, ‘soul’, and ‘veins’. Such terms are sinister but still very evocative- this is music that does indeed have soul, as Croft and Sim pour their heart into every line. And as their lips move, so do their veins, all working to create yet another stellar track on this new album.


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