Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

Don’t Stop greets you like an old friend. With open arms, the third single from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours pulls you into a toe-tapping, feel good anthem. It sticks out particularly as a Fleetwood Mac song due to the 6/8 time (shuffle rhythm). That, and it is perhaps the most optimistic Fleetwood Mac song to date.

There’s no bad day that this song hasn’t been able to fix or at least helped mend. With an energetic beat and repetitive lyrics that beg you to sing along, you can’t help but feel better after chanting don’t stop thinking about tomorrow / don’t stop, it’ll soon be here / yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone. 

Perhaps it couldn’t have come at a more vital time for the band, either. Rumours saw Stevie and Lindsey’s separation, Mick’s own divorce, and of course the very song was written by Christine McVie after her separation from bass guitarist, John McVie. The song reminds us to be patient with ourselves, new days are coming and they will be better than yesterday.

We could use more songs like Don’t Stop, especially with all of the pessimistic views and depressing stories around us. It’s easy to write a song about how much you hate something, about pent up anger and how fed up you are with the world around you, but it’s harder to look to the future with this blind optimism that Christine has written about. She looks ahead with such insistence that tomorrow will be better than yesterday that you can’t help but agree.

Don’t you look back.
Don’t you look back.

Don’t look to the past, but to the future, because that’s where you’re heading.


Photo Credit: Michael Ochs


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