Fleetwood Mac Rumors- I don’t Want to Know

Growing up as the daughter of a well known country musician, this track was not unfamiliar to me music wise. Maybe it’s because my dad is stuck in the prime of his life, the good old 1970’s, where he excelled in music, but ‘I Don’t Want to Know’ definitely has familiar vibes despite me not being born in that era. Although Fleetwood Mac technically classifies as a rock band, anyone who knows a thing or two about country can’t deny this is a country style track.

Despite the track being released 40 years ago, on February 4th, it’s still very uplifting to hear. The guitar chords are simple and energetic which encourages you to listen while you bob your head and tap you toes to the beat. Since the instrumental of the song is so powerful you tend to focus more on the music than the lyrics. However, if you put in headphones and close your eyes it’s like you’re at a live performance, where the amplifiers are turned up louder than the microphones (which they always are and I’ve come to learn it’s a musician thing) and subtly you can hear the singers harmonizing with the guitar.

The instrumental matches the lyrics as well when you look at the meaning of this song. The song is talking about an uncaring relationship, it tells you to not worry about things like love and just make each other feel good. It really encourages you to live in the moment instead of worrying so much. If you feel happy, then just be happy, don’t try to over stress anything. As for the track, I’m not going to spend more time trying to analyze it, because “I don’t want to know” about the fundamentals, I just want to enjoy this throwback.

Be sure to check out the track here, and purchase the album!


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