The Chain- Fleetwood Mac

Many themes of separation and despair surface throughout Rumours, and in no song is this as evident as ‘The Chain’. It is the second longest song on the album, patiently taking its time to build into a small epic that wrenches the heart. There is a small sound in the first couple of seconds, breath being taken, readying the instruments, shuffling to find the strength to expose their souls. It is interesting that it is the only song on the album with a writing credit given to each of the five members of the group. They had all become very divided, and so that this is the one track they were able to come together as a group to write speaks volumes. Unlike some songs that have only one member perform lead vocals, Nicks and Buckingham share the role of the main vocalist, creating a resounding echo that haunts the listener. The two spit out the lyrics, and there is a relief in the rage they spew. You feel these are feelings the two had been holding back for a long time. Once they declare, “Damn your love/Damn your lies,” you know they are dead serious. Emotionally stark and honest songs such as this one came to influence artists to speak more truthfully, to dig deeper and write songs about sensitive issues. ‘The Chain’s melodic rhythm keeps listeners very interested, and each time the chorus builds the drums and the passion in the vocals increases, reaching a breathtaking climax- solidifying the song as a standout on a near perfect record.


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