Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News

Fleetwood Mac sets the tone of their album, Rumours, with a light hearted, cheerful folk-rock song evocative of the old rural south. “Second Hand News” is energetic and optimistic, carried by a strong and steady beat that lays the weighty foundation for a light acoustic ambiance. The song’s apparent simplicity, realized by a general approach to construction and instrumentation, plays an emphatic role in the development of the song’s playful tone. The drums are ample and spacious, providing a slow bounce that contrasts the energetic running of the guitars. There is a sunny interplay between the cool, bright singing and the simple instrumentation. The back and forth beat throws the song in a line, and the room given by the rhythm section allows the vocals to fit in nicely – each voice hugged tight by the parameters of each bar. The song is catchy and a little corny, with a quick, uppity pace. The consistent, circular punch of the bass beat creates an acoustic foot-tapping groove. It pops with an airy mixing that reminds you of a more traditional folk and country sound. That’s what it is – a simple and nostalgic, uplifting and jubilant country-folk rock song that tips its hat to past generations of Americans making the music of the south, and provides Fleetwood Mac with an aura of rural youthful experience.


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