You Make Loving Fun – Fleetwood Mac

To say romantic dysfunction beleaguered the creation of Rumours is an understatement. The mercurial and at times, volatile, conditions under which the album was produced gifted the world with one of the most introspective yet enjoyable records about finding love and losing it. “You Make Loving Fun,” the eighth track on the album, is one of the lyrically brighter spots, marking a departure from the heavy source material (i.e. the rapidly crumbling relationships). Written by keyboardist Christine McVie about Curry Grant, the band’s lighting director and her first boyfriend post-divorce from bassist John McVie, the song belies the emotional turmoil the band was going through at the time.

Growing up with a medium for a mother, it’s easy to see why McVie “never did believe in the ways of magic.” Her newfound love causes her to question her whole belief system with the singer imploring her new sweetheart not to “break the spell” of the blissful beginnings of the honeymoon phase. The funky, uncomplicated bassline and feel-good lyrics reflect the easiness of the relationship in contrast to past ones. The very title of the song implies that love before this was something of a chore – her likening what she had with Grant to a “miracle” is unsurprising considering the hurdles she had to jump through in an attempt to keep her previous relationship alive. I suppose I would consider a relationship untainted by heavy drinking, drug use, and being cooped up in a cramped and windowless recording studio seeing no one but each other for days on end miraculous too.

Ultimately, this is a song of healing. It ends in a higher key than it begins, highlighting an optimism for the relationship in question. While it didn’t last long in real life (Grant was promptly fired as soon as they were found out and their relationship assumedly fizzled shortly after), the song remains a jaunty ode to new beginnings.

Listen here.


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