Broad Daylight – Allison Crutchfield

Imagine an album chronicling the changes of becoming independent, of a new environment, a new lover, new music. Imagine an album chronicling the inevitable change of life itself, with all its quirks and uncertainties. The result of this is Allison Crutchfield’s newest release, Tourist In This Town. The first track off the album, “Broad Daylight”, opens with the cues of a gospel choir harmonizing behind Crutchfield’s lonely voice. The track entirely changes moods at the one minute mark with the introduction of electronic elements and a spookier vibe. Having the mechanically produced synthesizer effects proves to be a new avenue for Crutchfield, showing her experimental side and willingness to grow as an artist. Despite this, the lyrics carry notes of anxiety and doubt, as if you’re reading the sad contemplation of a heartbroken girl’s diary.

This track in particular provides insight into the introspective musings of the album, suggesting that Crutchfield herself may feel alienated as an outsider. This is especially fitting due to the preeminent theme of change in the construction of the album as Crutchfield separates as a solo act from her twin sister, Katie. “Broad Daylight” introduces the album and provides the mixed emotion and duality that will undoubtedly become its trademark. Just as the beginning and the middle have completely distinct moods, Crutchfield’s lyrics suggest that life may not always be so certain either – not everything is one way or the other and sometimes you can play with rules and conventions. This unclear balance is expressed through lyrics like “you tell me it’s cut and dry ’cause it isn’t black and white, it’s grey”. For Crutchfield, this album is transitioning from her old self to a new version and the “grey” parts are perhaps the past and future melding together to create her experiences as portrayed through the album.

At the end of it all, Crutchfield gives us everything from her heart and gives her audience the comforts of knowing that we’re all in this mess of a world together – no one is exempt from the scary thing called change, but we all learn to cope in one way or another. And sometimes, in the case of this album, we’re better for it.

Listen to it here:


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