The Apostle Project @ New Song Church February 5th

apostle-projectAnyone who goes to church understands how boring the songs are. There’s at least five verses, plus a chorus, all written in olden English. However, after seeing a new christian band named “The Apostle Project” I can’t help but listen to the songs they played over and over again. The band was formed by the lead singer and acoustic guitar player Nathan Rideout and consists of four members in total. They’re a group whom Nathans says “was called to ministry” and perform a combination of covers by other soft rock christian bands alongside their original songs. On February 5th the group played at New Song Churches annual Superbowl party!

The group started off performing “This Is Amazing Grace” which was originally sung by Phil Wickham. The song was energetic and uplifting, it really encouraged the audience to pay attention to the band and get involved in the performance by clapping and singing along to the familiar lyrics. Since the venue was rather small the sound echoed off of the walls, filling the whole place with the sound Jake Wisemans drums.

During the song “Sing To The King” everyone, young and old, were all joining in worship, clapping and swaying along with the beat, united by the music! This song, however, was only a gateway into the sincere heartfelt worship coming up next. The band performed “Open My Eyes Lord” which entranced you as you listened to “The Apostle Projects” acoustic rearrangement of the song. It really was beautiful and really felt like the spirit of God was there in that moment. The climax of “Open My Eyes Lord” was loud and powerful, but when it mellowed down into just Nathans guitar and Jake on the drums goosebumps flooded over my body. Then one by one the instruments picked up and Nathans soft vocals turned into a belt- the song took off and the audience couldn’t help but nod their heads in agreement with the lyrics.

Something I really enjoyed about the performance of “Open My Eyes Lord” was that the band was not only completely devoured in the music, but they also took time to all face each other as they played the song. They did this often during the other songs as well, they would turn their backs to the audience and play among themselves as if they were in rehearsal. It really gave you a sense of brotherhood among the four young men, and it was nice to see their friendship and passion even through a performance.This passion carried over when they performed their original song “Whole Again”. During “Whole Again” I began to notice so many little things around me. Friends seemed to become more gentle to one another, couples started holding hands and even the people who were talking before stopped and listened to the wonderful original song.

During the speaking parts Nathan was witty and entertaining. He interacted with audience members personally while he was on stage and was able to turn their comments into jokes and make us all laugh. This was a nice change after the two ballads they performed, and lightened up the mood for the final closing song.

Anyone who’s interested in Christian music knows this song. The familiar chords hit my ears and automatically I began clapping along to “My Lighthouse”. Jahred Warkentin strumming on the electric guitar created the perfect sound for the mood! At this point everyone was so into the performance, we were all clapping, and people got up and started dancing together! The atmosphere was so light and fun that even the band members couldn’t help but laugh as they watched the dancers jump around happily and everyone clap along with their music.

Overall I think this small performance was amazing and I’d gladly go see “The Apostle Project” again. You can tell that these four boys are very passionate about music and about spreading the word of God throughout Canada. If you’re into christian music this band is worth checking out.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page where you can see future performance dates, and maybe they’ll come to a church near you!

Picture from “The Apostle Project” official Facebook


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