“Love is Love is Love” – LeAnn Rimes

The second I saw the title of the eighth track, “Love is Love is Love” I was hooked.

In the summer of 2016, there was a mass shooting in Orlando Florida at a gay nightclub called Pulse. It was something that shocked the nation and inspired a lot of people to try and do better. The name of this track comes from a quote that Lin Manuel-Miranda said at the Tony awards, and the heart of that message is in this song.

LeAnn Rimes is a country singer whose vocals are astounding and lyrics are often heartfelt and powerful. “Love is Love is Love” is no different, and for someone who doesn’t like country that much, I really love this song.

When I think of country, I think of songs about drinking, driving, heterosexuality, and heartbreak. This song has plenty of heartbreak, but it took a devastating event and made it into something hopeful and beautiful. When Rimes sings “hate the hate but love the hater”, you understand the powerful message behind the words. In fact, the whole song is filled with messages that aren’t lost in the exciting beat or her strong voice.

This is a song for everyone, but it is especially a song for the victims and their families in Orlando, for every LGBTQ+ member across America who was affected by what happened that night at Pulse. The repetition of the words “love is love is love” doesn’t get old because each time it reiterates what the original words meant: that love is powerful and will not be taken away by something as terrible as this.
Remnants is a break-up album; Rimes knows heartbreak as well as any other country singer, but in order to know about heartbreak she has to know about love. In this song, it’s incredibly apparent that she does.

Listen to the song below:


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