“Remnants” – LeAnn Rimes

Every break-up country album needs at least one or two upbeat songs that send a positive message to any potentially broken-hearted listeners, and for LeAnn Rimes, “Remnants”  (off of her album of the same title) is that song. While the ‘fuck you I’m better off without you’ archetype isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, Rimes still manages to create a song that’s so packed with energy it would make any heartbroken sap put down their ice cream and copy of The Notebook on Blu-ray, grab a bottle of Jack, and hit the streets to cause some mayhem.

The lyrics are poetic enough to leave some room for interpretation, yet still simple enough to state the song’s purpose without shoving it in your face. LeAnn uses her charmingly powerful vocals (the song’s Crème de la Crème) to let you know that she’s unfazed by her break-up and is actually better off. She knows that the love of a new man will resurrect her and rather than moping around the house, she makes it known that she’s going to makes something great out of her shitty situation.

As with many of the other songs on this album, “Remnants” just doesn’t sound like typical country music. With opening instrumentals that are reminiscent of “Fire” by Barns Courtney, Rimes uses a determined bass drum and an electric guitar to build up what feels like adamancy and willpower. The instrumentals, while full of liveliness, are not what makes this song great. As with most of her hits, Rimes’ vocals are what make this song satisfying to listen to.

The subject matter may be a little cliché, yet that doesn’t make this song any less enjoyable. “Remnants” acts as a pump-up song for the downtrodden; a motivational tale that begs you to look towards the future as an opportunity for improvement.


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