“Secret Lives and Deaths” – Allison Crutchfield

Do you ever watch old musicals and you’re greeted by these oddly instrumented songs at the beginning or end of the musical. For example, Rocky Horror Shows “Double Feature”. It’s a completely unique song but there’s no denying it is very strange as a whole. Well when I first listened to Allison Crutchfields’ “Secret Lives and Death” it reminded of those odd musical openings that are definitely interesting to listen to but also make you think “why?”.

Lyrically wise this song makes absolutely no sense. The lyrics in her songs tend to be very directed towards a certain feeling, however the context of this song remains unknown and rather vague. Although this track may not make sense, this does not make it a bad thing. Sometimes when songs don’t make sense the meaning is open for interpretation. Since you can’t find a singular meaning in the song it is able to have different meanings to each person who listens.

As for the instrumental it’s not something that you’d hear in modern day music because it’s just not strong enough. We live in a generation where dramatic beat drops or adagio piano instrumentals are the most common. Of course not everyone enjoys beat drops, but in the general majority of modern day society that would be the style of music among youth. This style of song in 2017 is not what people want to listen too, however if this was released in the 1990’s I think that it would be very popular because of it’s upbeat pop electric sound.

This song is definitely a good track if you’re into the electric pop sound, or anything from the 90’s. It’s a song that was simply made in the wrong time period but that doesn’t make it bad! Although it won’t be a hit right away, there’s always potential when it comes to the music world. As for now, just enjoy the track no matter how odd and out of place it may seem. Give it a couple listens and it’ll begin to grow on you, just like it did for me!

Check out Allison Crutchfields website here where you can listen to her “Tourists in Town” album and also purchase it!


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