Dean’s Room- Allison Crutchfield

“Dean’s Room” is the stand out track on Allison’s Crutchfield’s sonically booming and inviting full length debut LP. The specificity of the title brings questions to the listener’s mind- who is Dean? What is in his room? As you find out, Allison is in his room, and finds she has time to reflect, describe the scene she is in, and relate her emotions through song. As she gets “off the mattress on the floor” and dances “around in Dean’s room” while she’s alone, there is a sense of liberation, that this is a break from her norm and she is just trying to live to its fullest while she can. The track is certainly one of the noisiest on the album, but it is a controlled noise, the kind of chaos life offers that is just a pleasure to endure. The opening drums could be the start of a Nine Inch Nails song, with the intense energy being exuded. But then the synth melody slips in, softening the mood, and the music is further relaxed by the arrival of Crutchfield’s smooth, friendly voice. On other tracks, her gentle voice gets lost among the often cluttered overproduction, but the sounds here are balanced perfectly so that every syllable uttered and every nuance expressed in her voice is clearly heard. When she exclaims, “You just want to catch me alone,” you hear the tease in her voice, that she knows there will always be the private world inside herself she can turn to for solitude, and that it will remain unreachable for all else. She is in control of her life, and she chooses what pieces of her are revealed in songs such as this one.



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