Do It Wrong With Me – LeAnn Rimes

“Do It Wrong With Me” by LeAnn Rimes is a continuous R&B swing, featuring jazzy percussion and gospel background vocals that set the potential foundation and space for a big voice. There is a warm fuzz to the guitar, and a sharpness that comes with every press of the keys – the instrumentals are nuanced with a realness that’s often missed in contemporary pop. The instrumentation creates a tonal canvas backdrop, moving forward in a gentle way, ready to be filled with an apt vocal progression. The song is simple and short, with a sweet ambiance that contradicts the somewhat aggressive content of the lyricism. It’s a good R&B song, though out of place within the context of the rest of the album, which sounds more generic in terms of style and caters heavily to a more pop focused audience.

The vocals are obnoxious, crowding every bar despite attempts at spacing. Rimes’s voice contains almost no accentuation – contradicting the nuance presented by the instrumentation. Her voice is big and overpowering. It is clear that the song is meant to showcase her talent as a vocalist. There is nothing interesting about her. She is a generic goose-horn pop diva Adelle wannabe, with a somewhat nasally sound. She is not doing anything new – even the instrumentation is just standard R&B. Though her voice may be “big,” it’s also forgetful and shallow. The lyricism is cliched. The entire song can be reduced to the standard, “we’ll do things our own way, the world doesn’t get it.” We get it.

There’s no attempt at being creative it seems. This song is the most interesting thing on Rimes’s album Remnants, because it offers something stylistically different within the album’s context. The song is boring. Listening to this, I think of every pop vocalist that ever emerged in any decade – I think of every talent show that ever became popular, like “American Idol,” or “The Voice,” and get exhausted.


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