Love Line – LeAnn Rimes

You might think that love is an overdone and singular theme, and from the track titles alone it looks like LeAnn Rimes has just released an album full of repetition. While in some ways you’d be right, Rimes ultimately avoids sounding one-dimensional by exploring different types of love – not just romantic, but familial too. In fact, “Love Line” was written by Rimes for her step-children, exploring the connections of love rather than just blood that bind them all.

“Love Line” is one of the more pop influenced songs on the album. Repetition is abound, especially with the line “you and I are bound by a love line”, which makes up the majority of the song. The deep drums are a solid and strangely calming foundation for the rest of the instrumentals to build on, while steady handclapping is the perfect background noise. The gentle guitar strums and rhythmic drumming keep the beat simple and quick, but the added use of handclapping calls back to her country roots.

When it comes to the vocals, Rimes has a powerful voice that doesn’t fail. Her voice through most of this track is low but determined, and never overshadowed by the music. As she sings “they say blood is thicker than water / I say love is thicker than blood”, the pitch temporarily rises showing off Rimes’ range. The lyrics are filled by her declarations of the strength that comes from standing by the ones she loves.

I can’t help but think of my own friends and family who have stood by my side through the years, and whom I have held up in turn. “Love Line” reminds the listener of the importance of having a strong support system, and the care and encouragement that can grow from it. This is a simple and lighthearted track, but it expresses a surprisingly beautiful message.


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