Suck It Out – Menace Beach

England-born college rock band Menace Beach’s track “Suck It Out” sounds like a summer day in your youth, if you were also chain smoking cigarettes and hiding a brown paper bag with a bottle labeled “XXX” under your shirt. The track is the seventh off their latest studio album, Lemon Memory, which just dropped January 20th of this year. The chaotic interludes of the opening bars transition into a distant groaning voice, accompanied by the drum and guitar beat reminiscent of teenage garage bands with complaining parents. Despite the grungy undertones, the group adopted a more pop aesthetic for this record – a controversial spin compared to their older, fuzzier sound. This pop/grunge combination is evidenced throughout “Suck It Out” with repetitive lyricism and simpler hooks.

This is the kind of music that is best listened to glaringly loud with a cheap beer in one hand and a dusty polaroid camera in the other. During the later half of the song, the band breaks into a rougher guitar sequence that harkens to their true roughness and rock and roll roots. The whole track has an underlying essence of organized chaos and controlled rebellion. The high-energy of the fuzzy guitar and echoed vocal coos create a trance like state in which the corners and edges of the rhythm seamlessly blend together.

I’m both enthralled and mesmerized by the distant haunting of vocals that are aching to break through the surface but never quite make it – and that’s what makes it so good. The track, alongside the rest of the album, is unapologetic and authentic. It’s purposely messy and abrasive, asserting itself as an aggressive accompaniment to your days at the skate park, the beach, or even just popping your headphones in and escaping from the conventions of ordinary life. Listen to this track, and the rest of Lemon Memory here:


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