“Not Afraid Anymore” – Halsey

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To the surprise of fans, Halsey has come out with a new song “Not Afraid Anymore” for the new Fifty Shades Darker movie.

The song is interesting enough, with an interesting beat that pairs well with Halsey’s rasping voice. But, like the other tracks written for the movie, there is little substance to the song. It’s too repetitive for my taste, and it doesn’t sound like a Halsey song to me. Sure, it showcases what a strong singer she is as she belts out the lyrics “touch me like you never” from the chorus, but there is no story behind the song.

One of the most interesting things about Halsey’s music is how she tells a story. Each song is deeply personal, dealing with something in her life that she either loves or hates. Her last album, Badlands showcased her amazing talent both at writing and singing, and it’s what made me fall in love with her music.

I also found it surprising that Halsey, who is a feminist and very outspoken on social media and in real life, would agree to create or sing a song for a movie that has such controversy surrounding it. The books and first movie of the Fifty Shades of Grey series have often been criticized for romanticizing abusive behavior, so I was shocked when I found out Halsey released a song.
I don’t hate “Not Afraid Anymore”. If the song was playing on the radio while I was driving, I probably wouldn’t turn it off, but it doesn’t have the same impact on me that Halsey’s other tracks do, so I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to the song.


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