On + Off – Maggie Rogers

The first time I heard On + Off I didn’t know how to react. The song practically begged me to listen to it again, which I happily obliged. The second time I heard On + Off, I still couldn’t come up with anything to say about the song. Even now, after I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve hit the replay button, I struggle to find the right words to capture how the song sounds. To put it simply; there’s nothing like it.

That’s exactly what Pharrell Williams said the first time he heard Maggie Rogers’ music at a masterclass at NYU. He noted that it cannot compare it to anything else out there, it was something entirely unique and it’s own, and that could not hold more true.

Rogers’ folk background (from growing up in rural Maryland) shines through in the natural elements and her voice on the song, but she combines that with an electronic backtrack, keeping you guessing as to what you could possibly hear next as the song progresses. All of these elements weave through one another, melding into a perfect marriage of genres.

On + Off makes you want to frolic through a field while simultaneously breaking it down with your closet friends at the club. The song gets stuck in your head before you can even memorize all the repetitive lyrics, and you find yourself humming to it as you go about your day.

With her EP Now That the Light is Fading due out tomorrow, Rogers has set high stakes for what is to come, but I have no doubt — we won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Katia Temkin




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