Yesterday – Block B

Block B have once again prove they’re the kings of concepts! They’ve been pirates, hardcore gangsters, bank robbers, kidnapping clowns who own a circus, toys, and now they’re characters in a sitcom with their new single “Yesterday”. The song about a girl who’s cheating on her boyfriend, or in this case on Block B, and Block B calls her out for it. It’s a mellow yet upbeat song despite it’s slightly sad lyrics and is written by Block B’s rapper Park Kyung whom wrote it for Block B’s fan-base BBC (block buster club) as a thank you for supporting the group for seven years and more to come! 

This song is a shuffle rhythm song with a funk beat as it’s base, which is totally Block B’s style. The song shuffles according to who’s singing. For example, when U-Kwon or Jaehyo sings it’s more upbeat and pop/funky, but when Zico or P.O start rapping it turns into smooth hip-hop to match the rappers voice and style.The lines in the song, however, are not split up very evenly, which is understandable since there’s seven members and only 3 minutes of music. Not every member is suited for this track either. I can’t really see where Taeils powerful vocals would fit into this song no matter how much I want them too. Although I wish B-Bomb and Taeil had more lines in this song I can’t deny the fact that hearing P.Os husky voice singing the second chorus brought a smile to my face despite him being a rapper. When I heard Zicos legendary “z-i-a-c-o” I was moved by his consistent flow alongside the mellow yet unique hip-hop beat. Even though the song was very laid back that didn’t stop Zico and P.O from showing off their rigid, rough boy rap skills and witty lyrics such as “don’t pretend you’re naive when I know you’re cunning” and “when I give you facts you act dumb”. 

After their last album “Blooming Period” the members have been doing solo promotions or promoting in Block B’s sub-unit “Bastarz”.  Although Yesterday was a nice song I hope that this year Block B will come back together as a full group and release a full studio album full of different style songs and tracks written by Zico, Kyung and P.O! 

 Check out the Music Video for Yesterday here  and make sure to buy the track on Itunes!

Check out Block B’s special performance here 


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