I Could Have Told You- Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has effortlessly transformed his sound, image and style numerous times over the past five decades that he has become a force of nature, casually defying listener’s expectations. His current musical phase is just as surprising and captivating as any other. When he first announced his first album of old American standards, or rather, Frank Sinatra covers, called Shadows in the Night in 2015, fans were somewhat bewildered. This reaction was expected, as Dylan crooning his way through old standards was the last thing anyone expected. For someone known for an unconventional voice to release music that focused more on the vocals rather than his famous lyrics was certainly an interesting move. But the effort paid off, and the record was received with acclaim.

On March 31, Dylan will drop Triplicate, a triple album of 30 more standards, and if lead single ‘I Could Have Told You’ is any indicator, these songs will be as haunting and compelling as the ones on the previous two records. On 2012’s Tempest, Dylan took his rough, worn out voice of and made it into a vicious, spitting instrument. On this song, he continues to show this newer side to his voice; the gentler, more romantic tones.

Some say Dylan is finally making music for his age group- what he really is doing, though, is simply paying tribute to classic American songs, ones that inspired him growing up, and introducing them to listeners in the 2010s who may not be familiar with them. The song itself is quiet, patient, and finds Dylan telling a tale of inevitable heartbreak. You can hear the sadness and regret in his voice. Fans delighted with the new territories Dylan continues to take his voice will eagerly be awaiting Triplicate, the next entry in an incredibly long but never dull career.


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