We Miss You Clever Girl – Cuzco

Cuzco’s “We Miss You Clever Girl” is an homage that pays tribute to the influential U.K. math-rock band, Clever Girl. The song is a blend of math and post-rock that contains the same jazzy poly-rhythmic drum beats, thick and warm saxophone progressions, and light and busy guitar tones that Clever Girl was so noted for. Despite the playful and complex rhythms, the ambiance is emphatically smooth. Each instrument feels woven, evoking beneficent layers that fit to create a unified, emotive and beautiful tapestry. The guitar is twinkly, crisp and airy. The drums are excited and jubilant, constantly moving forward, enraptured and ready to hit anything that might emit brightness – in a nuanced way. There is an atmosphere of prudent restraint that is constantly being tested. The sax is a warm blanket that rests over top and in between the twinkle of the guitars.

Everything is gentle and exuberant, like stargazing with your best friends on a summer night.

“We Miss You Clever Girl” is the harmonious cohesion of light and dark. Cuzco emits a hopeful air that is contrasted by an undercurrent of implied melancholy. It’s like constant cheerfulness – true optimism in the face of perpetual hardship, and they really feel that everything is going to be alright.


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