“Baby Boy” – Mother Mother

“Baby Boy” off of Mother Mother’s new album No Culture is a rollercoaster of a song. It starts you off slow, ratcheting you up that ever-thrilling first hill. You tense up because you know what’s coming. This slow, strumming acoustic guitar can’t last. You have to “jump on in.” Even if you don’t want to, singer Ryan Guldemond’s massive, catalytic breath at the end of the second verse throws you over that moment at the top of the hill into the noisy guitars and anthemic vocals of the rest of the track.

From that moment until the last verse, the song doesn’t stop rolling. It rises and falls, bringing you through moments of driving bass guitar, anxious breathy sounds, and ethereal female vocals. Like every good roller coaster, you never know what is around the next bend. Even the lyrics are reminiscent of the biggest, baddest ride at the amusement park. “I am just a little kid with a big death wish,” sings Guldemond. That’s what this song is: an adrenaline-pumped, risk-taking adventure.

And just as you think you can’t take any more of this high-energy ride, the song comes to an abrupt halt, bringing the lyrics and sound full circle to a repetition of the acoustic first verse. And you just know you want to get back in line to ride it all over again.


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