Braindead – Dune Rats

Being a “twenty-something” is hard. I work long hours in a coffee shop, pay too much money in car insurance, and read poetry written by dead white dudes until my eyes hurt in order to get a piece of paper one day that will still render me unemployable. The generation above us thinks we’re lazy and entitled, when we’re really just a bunch of super confused post-teenage “young adults”. Australian rock band Dune Rats share this struggle in their track, “Braindead”, in which they address the anxieties of “getting bored, fat and ignored” as they enter the age of elusive young-adulthood. The garage punk style coupled with the fuck-you-suburbia attitude creates a loud, rebellious sound that fits well within the boundaries of my ongoing quarter life crisis (it’s a real thing, mom).

The lyrics tend to be repetitive and sometimes forego on actual lyricism altogether. There are big chunks of the song that are taken up by an off-pitch shouting style, exclaiming such prophetic prose as “BLAH BLAH BLAH” and “NAH NAH NAH”, which actually lends to the story of the track. The style of the lyricism creates a swirly, dazy effect where the listener almost falls out of reality into a state of loud rock music blurriness. Dune Rats are the exact embodiment of the music they give us. They’re just a trio of dudes with some (kind of greasy?) long hair and a definite “I don’t give a shit” attitude. They’re probably just as afraid of the future as I am, but embracing the unknowing with some pretty kickass music.

Listen to it here, along with the rest of their new album “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit”


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