Knock Knock – Twice

After their hit song “TT” Twice has finally returned with the sequel track all KPOP fans have been anticipating called “Knock Knock”. Similar to TT the song is very upbeat and has a catchy English phrase in the chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks on end. Using their sweet and innocent voices the girl group expresses their need for a kind boy who is not a play boy and will give the girls some assurance in the relationship!

They start the song off with the familiar synthesized beat we heard at the end of TT when a mysterious knocking came, then Nayeon starts singing with her honey like soprano voice. Seconds into the first verse we hear the key line “baby knock knock knock knock knock on my door” which earned it’s name as the title of this track. However the verses are only  a small taste of the unique backing track that comes with the chorus. The girls all harmonize together over upbeat guitar riffs and also cute bell sounds that are subtly in the back and give the song a winter feel that matches the season!

The most interesting part about this track is the use of onomatopoeia incorporated in with the lyrics and the dance.  During the second chorus Tzuyu sing “dang dang when the clock hits midnight will you come to me?” using onomatopoeia in order to express the noise in which the clock makes. Sana and Nayeon also do this during the chorus when they sing “knock hard kung kung”, “kung” being the Korean version of a knocking sound. The use of onomatopoeia matches the dance perfectly as the girls make a knocking motion with their hands in sync with the lyrics. It’s a very easy yet adorable and innocent dance that requires the effort of all the members. At some points they’re knocking on each others backs, and at others they split into sub-units and act out a door opening as someone knocks on it.

This song is definitely a hit and has been at the top of music charts since it’s release. As expected from Twice! Just like with all Twice songs however, listen at your own risk because this song is extremely catchy and you will constantly be singing “baby knock on my door”.

Check out Twices Knock Knock music video here and don’t forget to support the girls on music banks by buying the album!


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