“Can I Sit Next to You?” – Spoon

March is not the time of year that I want to get out and go dancing. It’s grey, it’s wet, sometimes it snows. I have deadlines upon deadlines. Spring is not in the near future, finals are. And so, when a song comes out of the blue that gets me itching to shed the study session sweatpants for a flashy dress and hit the dance floor, you know it’s going to be a fun one.

“Can I Sit Next To You,” Spoon’s newest single is a fevered dance floor of a song. It has a funk groove full of handclaps and a pulsing bassline. It is a musically complex song; Britt Daniel’s sensual voice drives the song forward through wild synths and twinkling chimes. The lyrics are both carnal and gloomy. “I’ve been down so long,” gives way to “No one’s holding me back.” The song recalls two people who are aware of the forces that draw them together but cannot make their move. The song has the feeling of that heady anticipation of eyes meeting across a room, building you up with the strumming guitar contrasting the synths, going high and trailing off. The band has “been working on a plan” but the listener never gets the satisfaction of that plan coming to fruition. We are left with a great groove and a heart full of longing, a snapshot of attraction trapped in the nerves of two people who don’t know what to do about it.


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