Ode To Gremlin – Meursault

There’s something about the dissonance of this track that makes it eerie. Maybe it’s the folky strums of the guitar contrasting with the deep lullaby sounds of the piano, or maybe it’s the wavering vocals that exist somewhere on the boundary of whispering and singing. The female singer (perhaps unknowingly) bears a striking resemblance to Joanna Newsom, in particular her tracks from the 2008 horror film, The Strangers. The track “Ode to Gremlin” off their latest album I Will Kill Again has feelings of hope and desolate melancholy intertwined in every chord and every syllable as the singer’s remind you “to know that I’m heartbroken and there’s more of it than there is of me”, reminding each listener of that time in their life they actually felt their heart break in half, because I promise it’s happened to all of us.
Listening to this track makes me feel like I’m stuck in a fast-moving car on a rainy day, probably slipping between cities without anyone noticing. I don’t know where I’m going, and I especially don’t know why. But as Meursault reminds me, “We will all get where we’re going”, wherever that may be. It’s funny how we often credit “the journey” as being more instrumental than the destination. This song feels like it’s a part of the journey. You’ll be left wondering how you feel once it’s over. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you lost or are you found?

The most brilliantly haunting part of this track is that you’ll take parts of it with you, even when it’s over. I swear I felt my heart leap up and down as I travelled through the moods of the track, and I loved every minute of it.

Listen to the track here:


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