“Beauty and the Beast” – Ariana Grande, John Legend

Remember that timeless song from your childhood that Mrs. Potts sang while Beauty and the Beast danced around the ballroom? Well, be prepared to hear a cover that actually…does it justice?

I know, I’m shocked too. Most times when someone covers a song you loved as a child, it never lives up to the original. When I heard that John Legend and Ariana Grande were doing a cover for “Beauty and the Beast” I was a little worried. The two are very good singers, but I didn’t know if I would like the new take on a classic song.

But I did, oddly enough. With Grande’s breathy singing and Legend’s deep voice, the two compliment each other well. Both can be powerful, but neither overpowers the other. There is a gentle give and take between the two artists that makes for an interesting, well done duet. They both have moments throughout the song where they can show off their impressive vocals, both individually and together.

They both prove just why, exactly, they are two of the most popular artists out there. I’m not sure the song would be done as well, or even half as enjoyable with two other artists singing. Grande and Legend brought one of my favorite Disney songs back to life with this one, and I commend them for it.


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