“Feel It Still” – Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man is known for their sweet-sounding experimental indie/psychedelic rock music. Their newest single “Feel It Still” is yet another successful fusion of pleasing rhythmic sounds, swinging funk, and trippy indie rock that possesses you and sends a smooth bolt of electricity through your body, causing an uncontrollable desire to bob your head and dance along. The song uses a variety of soul-stimulating instruments, the most notable being the bopping bass guitar, snappy drum beat, groovy horn, and crisp vocals. All of these sounds coming together in the chorus while Gourley sings the words “Ooh woo I’m a rebel just for kicks now” will give you chills so cold, you’ll be reaching for your vintage leather jacket.

One of my favorite things about this song is its versatility. Turn the volume down and you’ve got the perfect background music for an underground hipster coffee shop. Blast it through your headphones and you’ve got a fresh sound that’s perfect for those who just want to put on their sunglasses, pop their collar, and dance their way down the street.

The message of the song is as compelling as the instruments; it’s a battlecry for the rebels, the defiers, and the opposers. It’s a rally for the ones that are fed up with injustice and want to strike back. “We could fight a war for peace” ironically indicates the desire to fight for harmony, while “We could wave until the walls come down” also points towards a peaceful resolution to the conflicts that divide us by simply destroying the social barriers.

The song is undeniably catchy and cool; a brilliantly crafted piece that’s as relaxed as it is vibrant, all while maintaining an important message.


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