“Roleplay”- Luhan

After starring in American movie “The Great Wall” alongside Matt Damon, Luhan has finally returned to the Chinese music scene releasing two new songs titled “What If I said” and “Roleplay”. “Roleplay” is a upbeat hip-hop track accompanied by Luhans sweet vocals! In the song the singer/actor sends a fierce message to his stalker fans, more commonly known as “saesang” fans, telling them he’s had enough.

The song has a heavy bass riff that consists of synthesized beats and an auto-tuned voice in the back saying “oh man”.This track definitely strikes you as a rap track, however Luhan breaks standards by singing over this rigid instrumental instead, showing off a manly side of him. At parts of this song Luhan will tune his voice into a higher pitch to harmonize with the bass, giving us a taste of his familiar honey voice we know from his past tracks. Alongside this technique he adds grunting sounds into words in order to emphasize the anger of the song and almost make him seem serious as if he was an angry animal. These grunts and growls also act as transitions into the chorus of the song, which still has an upbeat rhythm but disappointingly the beat drop was not what I was expecting after the build up in the pre-chorus. 

Although the aggressive lyrics match the instrumental perfectly they do get very specific towards situations that have happened in Luhans career with these “saesang” fans. Lyrics such as “You chase me day and night; you’re insane”, and “Don’t come to my house’s parking lot anymore. If I see you again, I won’t forgive you.” have been gaining lots of attention by other artists in the industry. Lay, a member of Luhans former Korean boy group “EXO” even spoke out against Luhan saying “I really don’t know the details. I know everyone is having a hard time. I hope everyone understands one another, and people on both sides hold back a little”.

Whether Luhans singing about his lover, how cool he is, or about his stalker fans he always comes through and delivers us with quality music.

Make sure to check out Luhans song “Roleplayhere and support him by buying his “Venture”album on itunes!

Check out Luhans dance performance of “Roleplay” below!



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