Underwaterfalls – Bearcubs

This could all be a dream.

At least, it feels like it could be. The ambient landscape of Underwaterfalls, the work of twenty-five-year-old English producer Jack Ritchie aka Bearcubs, immediately pulls listeners into a state of lucid dreaming, if only for four minutes and eighteen seconds. You’re in control but the world that surrounds you is not of your creation, and you’re left  with no choice but to float mystically through the beats and synths. The lines between what is and what could be fade and blur in a mash-up of time through space, and in doing so, all of our sensations blend together to depend on nothing but this song as a guide through this new world.

With the steelpans easing us into this mesmerizing haze of hand-claps, ticking clocks and enveloping synths, Underwaterfalls sets a very certain tone—it’s disorientating, it’s euphoric, and captivating.

The best way I can describe this song is as if you’re underwater. There’s no panic, there’s no need to go to the surface for air—it’s in abundance down here. The vocals come from the surface, so close you can almost touch them, but they remain just out of reach. And when you’re starting to get your bearings about you and the comfort sets in, the synths roll in and whisk you out to sea.

And so you’re left there, bobbing mindlessly in the middle of the ocean—but there’s no panic. There’s an odd sense of calmness as the beats continue to keep you company and anchor you back to the shore where you started.

Bearcubs blends this atmospheric electronic landscape with such subtle vocals to create this ethereal experience. Underwaterfalls cannot simply be tossed aside as if it were like any other electronic song in this genre—we as humans tend to like to categorize and catalog–there is so much more to this song than the electronic genre has to offer—there’s an experience to be had when listening to it.

You owe it to yourself; give it a listen.

Image credit: acid stag


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