“Liability” Lorde

There has never been anyone like Lorde. The radically original young woman took over the world in 2013 when she released her debut album Pure Heroine at just 16. She was bold and daring like no other artist, and unlike most young singers who put out new music constantly to please fans, she took years off. She made people miss her and it has paid off. Her upcoming sophomore album Melodrama is due to drop June 16 and its upbeat lead single ‘Green Light’ has been radiating life out of radios everywhere. But just today Lorde offered another song from her new album,  called ‘Liability’ and it shows another side of her, a very vulnerable one.

In the past, Lorde has expressed emotion through complex metaphors with lyrics that make you scratch your head at first listen. Here for the first time, her song writing is simpler and to the point, making it all the more poignant. Lyrically the song is about people finding her too crazy, too unusual, just too much to handle, and the only person she has to turn to is herself. Lorde has taken her time to live her life, and in this new song represents what many people in their early 20’s feel- that they are all alone.

The song is brief at only 2:52, but the short length seems to suit it. Lorde will only pull back the curtain to reveal her naked soul for only so long. It is a ballad, almost resembling a torch song. Her voice is engaging and precise. What is interesting are the opening seconds of the track, before the music starts, you can hear murmuring in the studio, some shuffling, then a barely audible count of “1, 2. . .” before a piano begins to play. It is intimate moments like these that give the song its most human quality. If ‘Liability’ is any indication, Melodrama will be another fascinating chapter of Lorde’s career.

Photo credit: FACT Magazine


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