The City Don’t Care – Leon Else ft. Oliver

I’m a sucker for good 80’s music, so when I came across British singer/songwriter Leon Else’s latest release, I was trapped in the replay vortex for hours. “The City Don’t Care” is the first single from his upcoming debut album, and it’s a perfect throwback to the 80’s, with a subtle infusion of modern pop.

Those synths hit you from the very beginning, and the welcome rush of nostalgic familiarity isn’t too far behind. The track is electronic pop, but definitely not party-hard dance music. You might listen to this just after sunset, driving fast and watching city lights and high-beams stream past in colourful lines.

Leon’s hushed vocals create a gorgeously cool atmosphere. The brooding lyrics express a blurred line between what is real and what isn’t, and the singer is left alone with his fragmented thoughts in an alien world. Whatever darker implications the lyrics have are smoothly blended into the music. The beat is defined and catchy – you’ve heard it before, yet it’s completely new. “The City Don’t Care” is retro done in the best possible way.

While I may not have heard of Leon Else before, I’m hooked now. As I go back to listen to more of his previous work, I’ll be looking forward to hearing whatever new music he comes out with next.

Photo Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe


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