Drugs – Moon Bounce

Did someone slip some acid into my drink at the bar last night? No? This has become my sole logical explanation for the experience of listening to “Drugs”, the latest single by Moon Bounce off his forthcoming album Clean House. The light, airy vocals accompanied by the buzzing, staggering beats create an abstracted mood that is, quite frankly, hypnotizing. Moon Bounce is the solo project of Corey Regensburg: a Philadelphia native whose signature sound harkens to an era of groovy pop music.

I dare you to listen to this track without at least bobbing your head along to the chaotic rhythm. Time and time again, I played the song on repeat, constantly finding nuances that pulled me in even more. The musical style manages to blend a variety of genres, moods, and even time periods to create a completely unique experience. Along with this, the music video is of the best I’ve ever seen – completely encapsulating the weirdness that is Regensburg himself.

I want to tell you about how you’ll feel when you listen to “Drugs”, but it’s an experience defined entirely by its atmosphere and listener. Some people are going to hate this as it makes a mockery of traditional stylistic values. But others – myself included – are going to feel like this is a brilliant approach to breaking the conventional boundaries of music and having fun with “the rules”(mostly by breaking them).

This isn’t a single bass drop or repetitious pattern of dubstep – it’s a compilation of funk, groove, pop and electronica music coupled with a pure willingness to experiment with music. And it’s awesome.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the track while watching the music video, here:


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