“Excuse Me” – AOA

AOA invites you to, as Chanmi says, “dance with the devil” in their most recent release “Excuse me”. “Excuse Me” is an upbeat, shuffle pop dance track and the title track off of AOAs first full album Angels Knock. The lyrics talk about how the girls like a boy and they’re a match made in heaven!

The song skips an instrumental intro and heads right into Choas sweet vocals saying ‘excuse me, cuse me baby cuse me cuse me excuse me for a minute’. Her vocals harmonize over a repetitive guitar finger style riff and a clapping sound effect before suddenly the instrumental is taken over by a synthesized electric beat, with several different aspects to them that can only be understood when you listen it. When the beat drops in the intro she’s accompanied by the other members of the group and they all harmonize together, taking you into the song! This chorus is consistent throughout the song, however during the second and third chorus the singer of the lines ‘excuse me’ change between different members, giving each one a moment to shine!

The verses have a very simple instrumental- a constant drum riff and a subtle bass that adds an extra kick to the song. The verses are sung mainly by the altos in the group, Seolhyun, Mina and Hyejeong, leaving the high notes and power chords up to Choa and Yuna. During the second verse, however, the rapping duo Jimin and Chanmi take over the song proving that talented female rappers are alive in the Korean industry. The instrumental over the rap has a heavy bass riff and a hand done clapping melody in the back, accompanying the two girls rapping and providing a nice beat to follow along with. We get to witness Jimins amazing rapping skills again after the second chorus when the song shuffles its beat and Jimin has a rap solo accompanied by drums and the consistent clapping beat.

Although this track is amazing and catchy it doesn’t do any justice to the rest of the album. Other tracks such as ‘Bing Bing’ ‘Oh Boy’ and ‘Help Me’ are definitely worth checking out, and fairly different from the girls original style.

AOA is currently touring Asia on their first full concert tour “Ace Of Angels”.

Watch the ‘Excuse Me’ music video here and buy Angels Knock on itunes or Korean music sites such as Kpoptown to support the group directly!

Whats a good kpop song without a good dance? Check out AOAs dance practice for “Excuse Me” below!





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