It Ain’t Me- Selena Gomez & Kygo

I have never been Selena Gomez’s hugest fan, but you don’t have to be to enjoy her latest single. She teams up with Norwegian DJ Kyga for this catchy, irresistible track that has both depth and a myriad of musical influences.

Gomez has certainly shown a considerable artistic development over the past few years. Her 2015 solo sophomore effort Revival was a statement of finding oneself, and as her music matured so did her approach to performance. Her voice, once interchangeable with any other Disney star, now eschews a distinctive tone and no-nonsense personality. Here her voice sounds deeper, showing huskiness and a weariness that matches the song’s lyrical themes of having gone through a tough situation and is lucky to be standing strong.

Which brings us to the song’s lyrical content, which will win it new and varied listeners due to its complex and relatable themes. The song was co-written by Gomez and Kyga, and describes a past, pained relationship that was ruined by alcoholism and excessive partying. Unlike many up-tempo songs that glorify a partying lifestyle, this one pulls it apart and examines its dark effects. Gomez sings about having enough, and not wanting to be the person who has to clean up another person’s mess.

The song’s production will also appeal to many listeners. Much of it seems to be your average electronic dance song, but there is an acoustic melody lying underneath the surface. The chorus especially brings out electrifying piano notes and most notably is an emerging finger snapping beat. As Gomez declares independence over the building song structure, you can’t help but want to get up and dance. At least I couldn’t.


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