To Build A House – Cosima

How do you miss someone you’ve only ever known as absent? Cosima tells us how – with a simple piano and a heart-achingly beautiful tone, the 23-year old Londoner shares the grief of her absent father in her track, To Build a House.

When I was trying to figure out what track to write about this week, I searched new Spotify playlists, checked the trending tab on Youtube, but nothing was jumping out at me, until I stumbled across this song. The bluesy, gloomy-pop song stops you dead in your tracks, making you drop whatever it is you’re doing and just listen to the pain Cosima so elegantly puts together. Reminiscent of Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, Cosima’s music is emotionally riveting and we’re given those same glimpses of deeply personal experiences, the ones that tear your heart out while simultaneously soothing it.

The lyrics are the main reason for that. The first opening verses go into how she cleans the windows so she could get a better view of your return, and changed all the bed sheets so she could lay without the anger. The most powerful, I’d say, and what struck me the most was the line that states she would reset the clocks so she could forgive you for being late. The lines change after the chorus, and evolve into a sort of acceptance for her situation, and it’s reflected in her voice—they captured the moment of shift with reconciliation through her tone and the way the words leave her lips now. She lets the windows grow dirty, she sleeps with the lights off, and she no longer resets the clocks—and yet it’s when she stops all these things that she’s told to have faith.

But she can’t build a house on quick-sand, and the heart he’s asking for is broken – so what can you do? Write out the anguish, the suffering, and create it into the beauty that is this song.

Give it a listen below.


Image Credit: Press




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