Leave the Light On – Overcoats

Repetition can be risky; too much and the song comes across as irritating and uninspired, but when used well it can be the driving force of an excellent song. Overcoats manages to strike clever balance within their latest single “Leave the Light On”.

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell are the singer/songwriters that make up Overcoats, an up-and-coming female duo based in New York. “Leave the Light On” is the third single released in anticipation of their debut album YOUNG.

Yet another group I had never listened to before, I was immediately drawn in by the first lines “Leave the light on/ For myself when I come home”. One voice became two, and as they sang the electronic beat muffled, then released them as the music really kicked off. Those two lines are what make up the majority of the song, repeating over and over like a chant. The lines intertwine with the music, making the beat even catchier and the tones of the vocals make each word spoken sound different every time even though it isn’t. The theme of unsurety is introduced by the second verse, then they ask the big question “What if?”. Life keeps moving forward, and you, as well as the people around you, keep changing, and that can be a scary experience. I think the girls’ voices may be perfect for country/folk, but placed within an electronic, almost brassy pop-like background, they create a fantastic auditory experience.

I wanted to get up and dance every time I heard the chorus. While “Leave the Light On” ran the risk of overusing repetition, it was a risk that payed off and only added to the music. I know this song will be stuck in my head for some time. Overcoats shows enough potential that I don’t believe I’ll be able to stop myself from checking out their upcoming album once it releases.

Photo Credit: Dusdin Condren


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