Shred Cruz – Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans’s “Shred Cruz” starts off in a rush – with the metallic sharpness of a clustered crash, and gravelly street punk styled vocals frantic and yelling about wishing to be Drake and Rihanna. Immediately, the song moves to a somewhat reserved and quick surf sounding guitar line with punk styled palm muted runs that send the song forward in an ardent way. The guitar provides a rhythmic backdrop for an impassioned and scattered drum beat, and the frustrated, yet innately hopeful, long winded and gruff-shouts about being tired of a lot of stuff. The song culminates in an unreserved catharsis of bright and semi-twinkly guitar strums and punky beats; there is a sense of airiness that’s commonly found within bands of the emo subgenre. The lofty energy of Mom Jeans’s emo-punk atmosphere can be compared to the warmth of an early summer breeze. It makes me want to skate stoned down subdivision streets, or play road hockey with my friends in the afternoon sun. The song emotively builds in a line, layering tired yells, hectic guitar cords, and the consistent hopping pop of messy punk drum beats, before ending as abruptly as it started.


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