Daisy – Wavves

It’s March 20, and it’s the first day of spring. Much to my dismay, it’s cold out. With the first promises of spring, my attitude changes more promptly than the season itself. I throw my winter boots far into a closet and opt for vans and a skateboard instead. I always regret my decision the minute I step outside and the holes in my jeans serve as a window for the cold air to clash against my skin, but there’s a force in me that can’t shy away from the thought of sunshine and longer days. “Daisy” by San Diego based rock band Wavves fulfills all my dreams of surf rock and noise pop to accompany my days basking in the (hopefully soon) warm weather. With lyrics like, “I pack my things, time to get going, and hitched a ride into the ocean”, looking outside to the dreary gray skies is even more daunting.

Wavves has always been one of my favourite summer bands because their music provides that feeling we search for after a long winter. It’s music for the sake of enjoying music – there’s no complicated riffs or sophisticated harmonies. The track is filled with fuzzy instrumentals and moody, shouting vocals complementing the underlying surfy riff paying homage to The Beach Boys and California as a whole. With a strong influence from the golden coast, “Daisy” is a fast moving pop/rock track that is guaranteed to provide at least a moment of exhilaration and optimism. Life might get us down, especially when Canadian winters seem to last ¾ of the year, but Wavves is challenging their listeners to cheer the hell up: “Despite what it might mean, I’m not worrying, grinning through my teeth”. So maybe we should all kick off our winter boots, grab some sneakers, throw on Wavves newest album (You’re Welcome – May 19), and hope that the sun will reach us soon.

Listen to the track here:


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