“That’s What I Like” – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ new single “That’s What I Like” is exactly what I like about the guy.

I love Bruno Mars so much it’s embarrassing. There is just something so vibrant and happy about the guy, and every time he comes out with something new, I know it’ll be right up my alley. So when I heard he released a new song, I had no doubt that it would be fantastic, and I was right.

“That’s What I Like” has the best things about any Bruno Mars song: a fun beat, a catchy tune. I will be the first to admit that the lyrics aren’t that interesting, but it’s Mars’ voice that brings out the magic in this song. He’s a great singer and he uses that to his advantage, turning an average song into something fun and beautifully sung.

It’s something that will probably be sung all summer, a song that will be so overplayed on the radio that by May, we’ll all be sick of it. But that doesn’t stop me from liking it now and if I didn’t get sick of “Uptown Funk” I won’t get sick of this either.

Check out the song and music video below.


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