Make Me – Kevin Woo (UKISS)

kvin woo make me

I’m not crying, you are. I would have never expected that Kevin, an original member of the Korean boy group “UKISS” would leave the group – but he is. However he’s not leaving quietly and I’m beyond thankful for that. In 2016 Kevin released his solo mini album Out Of My Life in Japan with 2 main tracks. The tracks were “Out Of My Life”  featuring the Japanese singer K and “Make Me”, the track that we’ll be talking about today. With the announcement of Kevins disappointing departure from the group, UKISS has re-released these tracks on their Japanese Solo & Unit album – the last album Kevin will ever be on as a member of UKISS.

The album starts off with all of the members solos from the past. “Make Me” is the second track on UKISS’s 2017 Solo & Unit album, easing up the atmosphere after Soohyuns ballad with its upbeat track and Kevins pop vocals. The song starts right off with Kevins auto-tuned voice saying “make me wanna go” in English and then a drum riff begins that is consistent throughout the rest of the track accompanied by electrical riffs and a synthesized streams of sound in the chorus. Throughout the song Kevin does his own harmonies and voice overlays however the best part is towards the end of the song when Kevin shows how much control he has over his voice with his amazing falsetto.

Although Kevin is not Japanese and only learned the language over the past eight year his pronunciation is very clear in the song. Since Kevin is American and his first language is English he evens out the song between English lyrics and Japanese in order to reach both audiences that are listening. English Lyrics such as “won’t get the chance to go breaking my heart” stand out to a listener and make for an easy catch phrase.

As of April 1st Kevin will no longer be an official member of UKISS, and will be leaving the group to do his own personal activities. UKISS is currently doing promotions in Japan to promote their new album and are also doing special concerts named “Kevins Graduation” in order for Japanese fans to see Kevin perform with UKISS one last time. After UKISS finishes their Japanese promotions the remaining members will return to Korea as a five member group without Kevin and have a long awaited Korean comeback.

Overall this track is amazing! Whenever I listen to it I can’t help but tap my foot and nod my head at the least. It’s a song you’d hear at a club in Japan, it really brightens up the atmosphere!

Check out the track here on Spotify and be sure to buy UKISS Solo & Unit album here to support the artist!

Picture Source: Avex Entertainment Japan / NhMedia Korea 


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