Favorite Colors – Taylor Bennett

“Favorite Colors” by Taylor Bennett is a song of contrast; two young artists rapping about the future and the past respectively, characteristic of those 20-something contemplations of “what am I going to do with my life,” and “remember that time…” There is a contrast in the delivery of Bennett and Kyle’s verses, with Bennett rapping in a lower, maybe more “mature” voice, and Kyle exuding youth with his laughing and humorous lyricism. Produced by Luke Tennyson, the song’s beat gives off a Late Registration vibe, with its gospel organ and overall mellow atmosphere. I enjoyed Bennett’s choppy Drake-like triplet flow during his verse, as the combination of the pacey rapping and the slower beat made for an interesting sound. This track is nice for reminiscing on days past, or thinking on your goals for days close by, and that is uplifting. Maybe it’s because of his age (21 years old), but Taylor Bennett uses his genre well by rapping about his ambitions. There are rappers around his age that use their art form to speak on their wealth and what they already have, whereas Bennett is able to put together an effective track by being humble, and showing that he is as human as the kids who are listening to his music. There’s a chance Bennett could really make some waves in the industry. The album that this track comes from, Restoration of an American Idol, is one of the more underrated (or overlooked) hip-hop collections to be released in 2017, and that may be because of his close familial relations to Chance the Rapper; but this isn’t just Chance’s brother. Taylor Bennett has clearly made a sound of his own, and I cannot wait for him to share more of it.


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