Supermarket Flowers- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s newest album Divide has proven to be another monstrous success for the young, talented singer-songwriter. His legions of devoted fans have gobbled up the new release, helping him break all kinds of records. On the album he shows many sides to himself; he is fun, reflective, sexy, romantic, funny and soulful, but it is on this song he is as stripped down and personal as he has ever been.
When I first listened to Divide, ‘Supermarket Flowers’ really took me by surprise. The previous few tracks were all more lighthearted, fun, romantic songs, and so by the title of this one I thought it might be a cute song about him buying flowers for a girl. I was very wrong. It is about him buying flowers for his dying grandmother, and the sheer emotion of the song overwhelmed me. You do not have to be an Ed Sheeran fan to be moved by this heart wrenching song.
Musically, the production is quiet and sparse. Unlike many of Sheeran’s songs that are led by his guitar, this one is driven by a haunting piano melody, supplemented by beautiful backing vocals. Some lyrics where he sings of angels and crying hallelujah may seem clichéd to some, but the feeling in his voice could not be any more authentic. Sheeran was uncertain if he should include the song on the record as it was incredibly intimate, but he was encouraged by his grandfather to release it and share his grandmother’s special memory with the world. This is a very human track that will be relatable and appreciated by every listener.


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